SSB Preparation: 5 biggest Reasons behind not getting recommended

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02-November 2018

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5 biggest Reasons behind not getting recommended.

Always remeMber that You are applying for an armed forces where you have to face the toughest situations which you haven't seen in your life till now.

Imagine you and your team has given a task of killing a terrorists hiding in a jungle. You are leader. Everytime you try to trace the terrorist location, the terrorist have already moved on to new location.

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What will you do? Will you give up? Answer is "No". You will try harder. Its your duty to give moral supports to your team too. It doesn't matter how much time it would take but until and unless you will not hunt them down you will not return. Right?

Now, if you get demoralised after facing just few screened out or conference out then you should better apply for other job. That's the truth champs.

Everyone understands that you feel sad etc etc. That's basic human nature But you have to use that failure as a weapon and not as a tool to get demotivated.

Always remember, sometimes recommended candidates coming again for the SSB is also get screened out/conference out. So, result is not in your hand but trying hard for it is in your hand.

Your recommendations is not based on performance in any single test. Its a 5 days long testing procedure.

No one is perfect. It's fine if you have not completed your command task.

It's fine if you haven't got the chance to speak in group discussion.

It's fine if you have completed just 7 Individual obstacles.

It's totally fine if you have messed up in your personal Interview.

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It's your duty to move on and perform well in other remaining task.

Overthinking on any particular test performance will only gonna hamper out your performance in other test .

Just because of 1 test, do not spoil your other test. Try to perform well in other remaining test.

Remember that its not a physics or maths paper that you need to be too serious to get good marks, that you have to sacrifice your free time so that you can finish your book.

Enjoy your 5 days stay. Make friends. Play different games.

Go out with other candidates.

Do the activites which makes you happy or relax your mind.

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Because these things effect your psychology. If you are happy then your mind works in different way. You automatically thinks positive. You will perform well in your tasks.

Trying to show yourself as genius in all field while filling PIQ form, unnecessary shouting during group discussion, trying to show superior than other candidates etc etc leads to overconfidence.

Always remember, SSB 5 Days testing is not a competition. You are not competing with other candidates there. Its a testing of your own personality. What you think, what you speak and how you act in any situation is tested there.

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It totally doesn't matter that you have been 10 times conference out or last time you waited for 30 min during conference time etc etc. Whenever a candidate go for SSB, the entire testing process starts from beginning. It is not anyhow related to your past SSB Performance.

It is very important to understand that you are applying as an officer in armed forces. The common language which anyone can understand is english and that's why we have to speak in english.

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It's a very simple logic. If you are not able to express yourself then how will you cammand slodiers under you?

BUT it totally doesn't mean that you should have fluency.

Important thing is :

a) what you are speaking should be logical.

b) Your team members can easily understand you.

c) You should be confident while you speaking.

So, work on your communication skills

Get prepared before going for SSB.