Recommended for Indian Navy in 12th Attempt

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28-June 2019

Hello All,

This is Anand Sahoo, Recommended from 12 SSB Bangalore for SSC Navy Entry.
It took me 12 attempts to earn the title of recommendation and will be joining INA next month.

So below are the things I observed and changed in self to get what I wanted. The below article will be lengthy but ill try to make it worth your read.


As most of us know this is the first milestone one need to clear.
To do well in Screening I suggest to do the following:

1. Make sure you attempt max correct questions in OIR (in fact I would say attempt all).

               A little practice can help you do well in this exam. 

2. Make a good story similar to what we do in TAT (will discuss this about TAT later)

3. Narration is one of the important keys. Once you are done writing your story recollect, revise and break your story such that you are able to narrate the story in 60 seconds or less. (Give major chunk of your time to the problem and how effectively you solved the problem in those 60 seconds, avoid wasting time in description/introduction of the picture)

4. Once you have done the above 3 to your best 75% of your selection is confirmed. Rest 25 % is what I call luck (some may agree to this point while might not) but this is what I felt during discussion of the story and coming to a common consensus. However, make sure to give your best in this stage as well, listen and talk sense during discussion, just try to be a team player.

                                                         PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING:


This is the most important test of the lot; it carries around 70% of weightage in Psych Test.
As we all know TAT should have the following.
1. Hero - make sure hero has a crisp and clear identification. For e.g. Shubham a B. Tech final year student of ECE, BIT, Jaipur / Krishna, a 24-year-old software engineer working in XYZ, Pune. This should only take one line in your story

2. A problem: Without a problem/crisis the above mentioned cannot be a Hero. So, what qualifies to be a problem?
The problem need not only be fighting dacoits.
The problem can be – preparing for your dream job, solving the water crisis problem in your locality but with help of others(your hero is not a superman hence he alone cannot solve all problems on his own),loss of someone close, extreme financial loss, innovation/development of an app to help for a cause(It can be as easy as making an online attendance marking app to development of an app to help the cause of farmers etc.) , Ego Conflict within relationship, Accidents.

See all the problem which I mentioned above are non-routine crisis. That is the definition of problem. Failing an internal exam due to your own irresponsibility does not qualify to be a problem. Try to write the problem in not more than 1-2 lines in your story. Make sure the problem you mention is practical and logical.

3. Solution of the problem: This is the most important part of TAT/story. Fauj is more interested in knowing how do you solve the problem. Maximum lines of your story should cover how you solved the problem.

Suppose you take a problem of developing an app in 2-3 days for a regional level competition, write down each and every step you will take to do it.

It includes making a group of like-minded, discussion of the task with your mentor/guide. Dividing the code among the group, testing of app, making presentation, making journals, taking note of the real time readings. How many hours did you put in to develop the app, what are the sources you referred to develop the app. Which language did you code in. all this information qualifies to come under how you solved the problem/developed the app.?

4. Outcome: for the above-mentioned problem the outcome of the story can be:

a) The group was able to develop the app within 3 days and present it in the competition.

b) The group took part and won the 1/2nd prize. etc.



In this the Psych is more interested in seeing how deep you connect or associate the word. Observational sentences are marked high compared to general factual, preaching sentences.
How to do well in WAT:
For e.g. we take a common word in WAT - LOVE
LOVE can be connected to the following things: Trust, Friendship, Bond, Loyalty, Belongingness and many more. When I connect the given word with other, I can make many sentences out of this.
1.Trust is foundation of LOVE.
2.With Loyalty Love increases.
3.The bond makes loved one’s inseparable. Etc.
So, if you find WAT hard try this approach it might help. Try to write the response in not more than 4-8 words.

This is one of the most interesting one. SRT demands focus and practicality. It demands what you will do, do not try to impress the assessor by writing pre conceived solutions.
Remember to accept the situation as it is and write your response, many times after reading the original situation we think about other situation which derive from it. Refrain from doing so.
Let’s take an example:
Situation: You are/have to carry cash to the town and there are dacoits on the way.
I have seen people writing will refrain from carrying cash will take atm card. See are already given a situation that you have to carry cash, then accept and approach. Do not change the original situation by giving responses by writing will carry my ATM and all.

Situation: You are lost in a jungle and a tiger appears.
In this we have two problems primary is lost in jungle secondary is tiger appears in front.
Many times, the magnitude of the secondary problem becomes so high that candidates forget to write response for the primary situation of being lost in a jungle. Make sure you respond to all the stated problems.

Use of Commas
Situation: You are an officer posted at the border and suddenly heavy shelling happens from the other side, you will
Response: commanded troop to fall back, late plan, give befitting reply.
See in my above response I was able to buy some time with the use of commas

                                                                                SELF DESCRIPTION:
Prepare in advance, ask genuine feedback from you parents, teachers, friends and self.
No matter how good/ bad they think about you write it down roughly and write down an organized SD in SSB.
This Is just to cross check how well are you self-aware.

                                                                               PERSONAL INTERVIEW:

To be honest my personal interview didn’t go well as I planned. I was grilled at several occasions by my IO for not having a good grasp of my technical knowledge (well I had my own reasons why I lacked at my in-depth technical knowledge.)
What I would suggest is:
a) Be calm no matter what.
b) Speak clear and audible and do not beat around the bush.
c) Have a good awareness of what is happening in and out of country (whatever you read, have a deep knowledge about it). To improve this I read newspaper, made notes, watched several YouTube videos on the topic I read earlier to get more knowledge, watched debates and discussed about the topics with like-minded friends. By doing so I was having a deep knowledge and an opinion of my own (This not only helps in interview but makes you confident in group discussions and lecturette conducted in GTO series.)
d) Have an overview of the technical/graduation subjects.
e) Know and prepare for everything you have mentioned in PIQ (Suppose if you have written NSS in PIQ in Extracurricular activities, then you should have some idea about it like what Is the motto, when did it start etc.)
f) Know your strength and weakness.
g) Have courage to accept your past mistakes.
h) If you don’t know something just politely say I don’t know and you will find about it.
i) Have a good posture and a smile.

                                                                      GTO Series:
Well take this as a group activity.
What I have seen being a repeater is people compete with each other, by doing so we kill each other’s chances of performing and getting selected.

Take it as any sport and play along as a team.

Give and help others. When you have idea put forward if you don’t have any idea just be a good team member and support ideas.

Listen – 90 % and Speak only 10 % during the discussions.

For lecturette prepare and practice more, by doing so you will be confident to speak on any topic.
I prepared for this by asking my friend to give me any random topic every day and I would speak on it for 3 mins and would self-analyze. By constantly doing this I grew more confident and became more organized while I spoke.
Rest is be fit, go for a run and do some body weight training. A healthy body makes a healthy mind.

                                                                             ROLE OF SSB TEST:
I would like to thank ssb test and team, especially Col. Pradeep Sir.

                                                                           How SSB Test helped me?
Sometimes one should know what not to do rather than what to do.
After the Psych and PI test conducted Sir guided me not to waste time in SRT, WAT and Communication (I used to practice sometimes in front of mirror). Sir asked me to avoid it as I was good at the above things.

Sir guided me to work more on TAT (write more on how I solve the problem) and become more self-aware (as I missed to answer/explain some of the things I wrote in PIQ)
With this I became confident and resumed my preparation based on his guidelines.

Thank you 

Get prepared before going for SSB.