How to perform well in Group Discussion part of PPDT under Screening Test

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02-November 2018

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SSB Test: How to tackle Group Discussion in Screening Test?

If everyone is shouting, try to calm them down. Still if candidate is in rush, ask the other member to let him finish. Then control the complete group discussion.

Before group discussion, story writing and 1 minute narration is tested.

Story writing : Candidate will always percept the things according to his/her upbringing. So, your mentality is already checked in this part.

1 min narration : Your expression, confident and whether you are able to stand among group of people is checked here.

Till now they have already checked your perception, confident and power of expression.

It's time for Group Discussion.

In group discussion they are checking that :

a) Are you able to stand in the crowd.

b) Whether you are able to control the crowd.

c) Whether you are able to influence others by your points.

d) Do you have capablitity to take the group in a right direction or not.

So, it's not important that the group have choosen your story but what here they check is your reaction when you are in group.

If you have spoken 2-3 times in Group Discussion and added valuable points in the group story with confident, in a tone that everyone have listened you attentively then no one can stop you to get screened in.

Get prepared before going for SSB.