5 Days SSB Testing Procedure

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28-October 2018

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5 Days SSB Procedure


SSB is an assesment of candidate personality related to what he speaks and what he thinks. It is also about how he implement those thoughts in real life.

The 3 pronged approach

The 3 pronged approach

Pschological Test : Analysing the thought.

It is about how one thinks by analysing any situation. whether ones' words can be put in action or not or whether he can think logically for a solution of any problem. It is also about if one person can think in a positive direction and the most importantly whether one's knows himself.

Personal Interview : Analysing the speech.

To know what one has done what his believes are and how he implement his/her believes in real life.

GROUP TESTING : Analysing the action.

How a candidate reacts socially is way different from how he reacts in the real time environmnent, which not only reflects his own life but also reflects on the other soldier's lives. His decision making skills, social skills, understanding skills and how the candidate reacts is tested here.


SSB starts with screening test consisting of 2 papers, first is Officer Intelligence Rating Test (verbal/non-verbal test) and the other paper is PPDT. Verbal/Non-Verbal test requires simple and analytical reasoning which are basic questions of 10th level, anyone can perform here. Just do a little bit of practice if you are not confident.

PPDT, Picture Perception and Description Test, a picture will flash for 30 seconds. The candidate have to write a story for the next 4 minutes, highlighting the main characters, number of characters,their age,sex,mood and what led to the situation? What is going on and what would be the outcome?

PPDT: Make a logical story, the main character, most of the time, should be a young and dynamic person. First, give a little bit of background then explain the situation and finally solve that problem in the logical efficient way.

After this, a discussion will be conducted where a group of 15-20 candidate will be there. Each candidae will be given 1 minute to narrate his/her perception of story and once when all the candidate finished, the group discusion will start.

The candidate will discuss among themselves about the story and acheive the common consensus about the characters and theme of the story.

Tips: Better efficiently use the 1 minute, to narrate your story confidently and in a voice tone that all your group can hear. Its best to speak in english but if the candidate stuck,they can use hindi but should revert back as soon as possible, to english.

When Group Discussion starts, be mentally prepared that it will be a fish market(99% of the time). So you have to jump whenever you get the time and direct the group to your story or wherever the group story is moving. Its better to be loud, confident, logical and addressing all the member of the group. You will definitely get your chance to speak. Grab that moment and give your 100%. If you have spoken 2-3 times,added valuable and logical part to the story and everyone listen to you, then you are definitely in.

Note: Never address the assessor.



12 Pictures including one blank, will flash for 30 seconds each. Candidates are asked to write a story around what led to the situation? What is going on and what would be the outcome? Picture is shown for 30 seconds and they are asked to write the story in next 4 minutes. In the blank slide, the candidate have to think the picture of their own choice and write a story around that.

Make a logical story, the main character, most of the time, should be a young person. First, give a little bit of background then explain the situation and finally solve that problem in the efficient logical way.


For Word Association Test [WAT], a series of 60 words are shown to the candidates one after another for 15 seconds each. The candidate is required to write down the first thought or idea comes to his mind.

Its better to write what you have observed. You can write informational sentence too. Never write negative sentences.


This test consists of 60 routine life situations regarding day to day activities. The candidate is asked to write his reactions by completing the sentences, as to how the candidate would feel, think and act in these situations. Time duration for the test is 30 minutes.

Just place yourself in that situation and write down what you would have done.


Candidate are required to write opinion about you from your parents, friends, teachers, yourself and qualities you would like to develop in future. Time allotted will be 15 mins.

NOTE: Psychological Test are a part of our psychology. No one can improve their psychology just in a day. Its a daily process. Its a habit which a candidate can create by doing it again and again. For that, self introspection is very important.

Personal Interview

The atmosphere throughout the interview is relaxed and informal. The questions are generally based on the candidates everyday experiences and relating to the candidate work, education, family and spare time activities, hobbies and interest. Each candidate is interviewed for duration ranging from 45 min to an hour. The interviewing officer will discuss by way of questions and answers, the oppurtunities candidate had in life and the utilisation which a candidate have made of them.

While the inteviewer interacts with the candidate, he assesses whether the candidate have required essentials qualities to be trained to become an officer in the armed forces. What a candidate have done in regard to their academics, acheivements and extra-curricular activities, interest in life, interaction with parents ,friends and society at large, general awareness, physical and mental fortitude form important facets to assist the interviewer in his assessment.

No one is perfect and the interviewing officer understand and gives candidate more than adequate benefits for shortcomings and mistakes which a candidate may have committed.

Try to link the rapid fire question which interviewer will ask because its in a sequence from your school education to the college education, from your family memebers to your college friends. If you missed anything, you can ask later. Be genuine, be true to yourself and to the interviewer. If its a technical entry, then be prepared for basic technical questions too. Be calm and confident.

NOTE: Don't ever try to trick the interviewer because 30-35 minutes time are enough for a fairly senior and an experienced officer to caught you.


Primary concern here is to see how a candidae face up the obstacles in the task, in the time alloted and the attitude towards the other members of the group. Both when working with them and while directing them.

Group test do not requires specialized individual skills on the candidate part. Logical thinking, coordinated team efforts, work ability to receive and give suggestions is what is looked for.

2 Group Discussion (GD):

A debatable topic which is usually given on the current events or social issue. In the first group dicussion, 2 GD topic will be given to the group by the GTO officer, the group have to choose one of them and then they have to undergo in an informal friendly discussion. The second group dicussion, there will be no choice as the topic is of GTO choice. Each discussion will last for approxmately 20-30 minutes. Eachh candidate is expected to participate in the discussion.

Be logical, try to put your points by giving any statiscial data. Try to add more and more valuable points and actively take part in the group discussion.

NOTE: In case if you are not aware of the topic,listen to other candidates. makes a logical point from them by recollecting your own thoughts. Dont elaborate other views. and dont worry ,you will always have points in your mind,you just have to recollect them and present it more logically.

Group Planning Exercise :

A map will be shown and a problem statement sheet will be given to the group with numbers of problems mentioned. Candidate have to write a practical solution on the paper provided, in time.

Always make the solution earlier in mind before the assessor take away the problem statement. Memorise the time constraint. Give focus on the resources which you can use. Keep in mind the distances and the time to cover those distances.

NOTE: Make a workable planning rather then a fancy planning. Think logically and write neatly. Examine the alternative solutions.

Progressive Group Task :

4 obstacles are required to be collectively negotiated bya group along with a heavy load. Certain helping materials in the form of ropes, planks etc provided. 40 minutes are assigned for this task. Rules are naratted to the group in details before the start of the test.

Half group task :

Similar to Progressive Group Task except it is conducted over 1 obstacle with smaller group.

Command Tasks :

Each member of the group will be put in command. The objective here is the completion of the specified task as a commander.

final group tasks :

The entire group gets together to complete an assign task within the stipulated time frame.

Candidate should not break the rules. Help the team to get the task done, when they are stuck. Be calm and you will do it.

Individual Obstacles:

Stamina, drive, determination and courage are checked. 3 minutes will be given, with total 10 obstacles and with different difficulty level, candidate have to grab as many marks as a candidate can, by successfully clearing the obstacle.


Candidate will get 4 options for lecturette topics. Choose the effective and matured one. Candidate will get 3 minutes to think before speak and 3 minutes for the speech. Your lecturette should be arranged. First you define the issue, then go for what the problems are, adding the solutions which is in process and what you think the other solutions are and finally end up with a conclusion.

Snake Race:

Help the group members, motivate them and be energetic during the whole test.



Get prepared before going for SSB.