Our Professionals



Chairman at Defence Aspirant Academy, Jalandhar, Punjab

President at 17 SSB Bangalore Board.



Sub Lieutenant,Indian Navy

Recommended 2 Times


Benefits for candidates
  1. In coaching institutes the batches are of 50-60 candidates and of 7-10 days.
    The focus of an officer on each candidate is lost. Attention is given to a group and not to each candidates.

    How it is different in our system
    There is no group. Each candidate have different capabilities and area where they are lacking. All candidates cannot be treated on same parameters.
    That’s the advantage which a candidate will get from our system. Attention is given to each candidate. Our platform will provide a one to one discussion of an officer with the candidate.
    You will get to know about your weak areas and not of your group.

  2. In maximum of the coaching institutes, some predefined materials is givento the candidate. The natural flavor of candidate is lost.

    How it is different in our system
    We strictly suggest candidates not to read anything from anywhere. You have to give your natural Response.
    We will never tell you that if this particular picture is coming then you have to write this story or if that word is coming then you have to write that sentence. This will never be the case in our system.
    You have to write whatever thought coming to your mind naturally.
    In psychological test, none of the answer is right or wrong. That's why the officer is going to discuss your answer with you and will teach you how to make it better.

  3. The fees structure is very high in coaching institutes. Normally in most of the cases the candidates are paying approx 15000 Rs for 7-10 days including hostel charges, mess charges etc and they are forgotten after their batch get finished.
    When the same candidates goes for SSB and unfortunately get screened out or conference out they feel like they are on the same level where they were earlier and they have wasted their money. Right?

    How it is different in our system
    Money is not priority for us. Candidates need to pay a very minimum fees which is nearly 1/5th of what coaching institutes are asking for.
    We will be always in contact with the candidate till you are not getting recommended.
    Fees is fully refundable if candidate are not satisfied with our system.
    Let a candidate is going for SSB and unfortunately they are not getting  recommended. In that case, candidates are totally free to contact the officer and take further guidance from him till the timey ou are not getting recommended. Candidate need not to pay any extra charges.

  4. We always believe that its candidates hard work if they are recommended.
    Many of the candidates going through our system and who got recommended are repeaters. It was 13th Attempt of a candidate who got recommended recently. Maximum of the candidates were having 6th or 7th attempt and they got recommended. We never publish our result because
    we do not want to take the credit of hard work they did.
    A mentor can only show you direction. That is what we are doing here. They took it positively and worked hard on it day by day and finally did it.

We prepare candidates for Screening Test (2 OIR TEST) + 2 Psychological Test + Group Planning Exercise + Personal Interview + Materials related to 2 Group Discussions Topic and Lecturette.

Psychological Test will be conducted in the same timing pattern as in SSB. No extra time.

Recommended 9th Attempt